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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and Finance for Biodiversity (F4B) are collaborating to engage the wider academic research community and resources within that community with the developing process of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). NERC will be supporting key research needs relevant to the priorities identified so far by TNFD and to inform through interdisciplinary and robust research evidence the development of TNFD process and activities. With a proposed duration of 3-4 months and a maximum budget of £50,000 each (at 80% FEC), these agile grants for evidence synthesis projects, feasibility, or scoping studies and/or pilot research projects that may lead to longer-term projects and for building networks.

Proposals are sought which address the three emerging TFND workstreams below:

Financing the transition to an inclusive, sustainable, healthy food system

An urgent need for internalisation of nature is likely to widely impact production methods, changing asset prices (including land) and impacting employment and the availability of affordable nutrition, with positive and negative cascade effects over the entire food system.


Integrated Climate-Nature Transition Risk Framework

Research is required to build on the experience of climate transition pathways and initial work on nature positive linked financial risk assessment to invent, conceptualise and develop a framework on solid theoretical building blocks, with considered practical application for the policy, regulatory and financial communities.


Future of Nature Markets

We must develop and initiate ways to catalyse ‘’nature markets” that correctly value nature, enable economic value to be created from nature on a sustainable basis, and are aligned to nature positive goals and outcomes.

Call for Proposals: Nature Finance Seed Corn Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by research that has “tangible impact” for TNFD? When we define impact of these projects, what we want to see is the tangible impact for the financial community. It could be generating novel research, or it could also be research translation, but the core priority is indeed ensuring the results from the project are actionable. We recommend having a strong framing of how you envision this project to be utilized by the financial community upon completion as a way to ground your research scope in terms of tangible impact

2. Will global impact proposals be considered, or are there geographic constraints?

The focus of the research itself doesn’t need to be UK based, nor do partners. However, to be eligible for funding, applicants must be UK based and any partners that are not hosted by eligible institutions cannot have their salaries paid through this proposal. Please review NERC’s Research Grants Handbook and the NERC and UKRI Eligibility Rules for more details. While these are naturally global challenges, there is also no geographic requirement tied to the application, quality is the most important consideration we are looking for.

3. If we do want to partner with non-academics, private sector or non-UK partners, are any of the funds eligible to pay for their participation? Proposal funds can be used for sub-contracted services (such as coding, platform development/co-ordination, data application, etc.) but not to pay for additional research support. Requested services must be clearly articulated. If you are uncertain please review NERC’s Research Grants Handbook and the NERC and UKRI Eligibility Rules for more details.

4. Do we submit the proposal through JeS? In this instance, proposals will not going through the JeS systems. Instead, all proposals should be submitted to press@f4b-initiative.net

5. I’m concerned that my proposal will be judged on the professional design of my powerpoint, how can I best present the information? Quality of content is our number one interest, and you will be not given more or less consideration depending on the design of your slides. That being said, these slides will need to stand alone in the first review process as a “read-through” PowerPoint and clearly articulate what you are trying to achieve through your work. One way to think about this submission is in the context of a poster submission. While you can still communicate a great deal of content, it gives the opportunity to communicate the team’s excitement and potential impact of the proposal, and allows for the integration of visual elements (pictures, graphics, charts, etc.). The proposal gives clear guidelines on font, font sizing, slide layout, etc. so please refer to the F4B website posting and download the detailed proposal for more information.

6. Who should I contact if I have any questions? Please reach out to F4B at sage.melcer@f4b-initiative.net and felipe.posada@f4b-initiative.net for content-related questions, and to NERC at pcd@nerc.ukri.org for eligibility or other logistics-based questions.

Submission deadline is 23:59 BST November 7, 2021

After submission, all proposals will be reviewed against the enclosed set of criteria. Decisions regarding finalists will be made the week of Nov 22, 2021. Approximately 2-3 weeks later, these finalists will then pitch their projects to a multi-sector panel of experts in early December (exact dates to be finalised), who will challenge the scope and approach of the proposal to help refine the pitches. Final award decisions will be made 1-2 weeks later by mid-December (exact dates to be finalised), contingent on the incorporation of feedback presented by panellists. Final grant dispersal planned for February (exact dates to be finalised).

Download the proposal below for more details on proposal context and eligibility.

NERC F4B Nature Finance Seedcorn Grants - Call For Proposals
Download PDF • 269KB

As a reminder, submissions are due at 11:59 PM BST on November 7, 2021

Please submit applications to press@f4b-initiative.net

Any questions should be directed to:

Sage Melcer (sage.melcer@f4b-initiative.net)

Felipe Posada (felipe.posada@f4b-initiative.net) NERC pcd@nerc.ukri.org