Biodiversity impacts are disregarded in the vast majority of financing decisions taken today. In the worlds of finance and politics, biodiversity is still overshadowed by another big environmental threat, climate change. But momentum is growing.

The Finance for Biodiversity (F4B) initiative was established in October 2019 as a time-limited project, to raise the financial profile of biodiversity damage, and thus to promote greater financial flows into biodiversity conservation and restoration.

The F4B initiative is supported by the MAVA Foundation and involves collaboration between organisations such as Vivid Economics (leading on analytics), and by an organisation with international expertise in strategic communications. The initiative is guided by a leadership group of experts and practitioners.


F4B aims to achieve its goal of including biodiversity in financial decision-making by engaging key organisations, experts and influencers, to agree a common framework for biodiversity and finance. F4B will act through outreach, advocacy, grant awards and partnership development, to harness existing initiatives and stakeholders, to identify and act on critical levers of change.

The initiative follows a dynamic learning model, making investments across a large number of ideas and collaborations. Such an approach can dynamically test, learn and reinforce success, through collaboration, leveraging of existing initiatives, and catalysis of new areas of work. It uses fast review cycles to make quick decisions about whether ideas and collaborations have potential, and so to increase or end funding at any stage in its development.




The MAVA Foundation is based in Switzerland and focuses on the environment with a mission to conserve biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature by funding, mobilising and strengthening our partners and the conservation community.  

Role on F4B: The MAVA Foundation provides F4B’s funding, as well helping to support and steer the initiative’s approach.



Vivid brings expertise in a diverse set of themes including biodiversity, ecosystem services, natural capital accounting, environmental and social sustainability, and resource productivity. Its Natural Resources practice covers forestry, agriculture, biodiversity, water, and marine, as well as natural disaster risk management and insurance.  Across these areas, Vivid advises a diverse client base including, development finance institutions, large corporates, private financial institutions, development agencies, governments and NGOs. Vivid’s Finance practice works with asset owners, asset managers, banks and private equity funds in helping them assess and address the opportunities and risks associated with environmental sustainability.  

Role on F4B: Vivid Economics is an operational partner within F4B. As well as directly undertaking research and analysis activities for F4B, Vivid Economics’ role includes facilitating the crowding-in the knowledge and influence of key existing actors and activities, helping to shape the direction of the work, and also supplies Administrative and Project Management support.



The Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is a non-profit hosting foundation that creates, hosts and manages philanthropic funds to provide philanthropists with a simple, cost-effective way to achieve their charitable objectives.


Role on F4B: The Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is responsible for the Financial and contractual management of the small grants for F4B.


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