Citizens are the ultimate owners of the world’s financial assets, as well as being members of the families, communities and nations that live within and depend upon nature and biodiversity. They should have rights, information and mechanisms to make decisions on how their money is deployed, as savers, investors, those insured, consumers, taxpayers and voters.

F4B calls for public advocacy, campaigning and advancing digital approaches (e.g. fintech-based behavioural nudging) to: encourage a) people to take account of nature in financial decisions, b) citizen movements to channel their energy and momentum toward impactful forms of policy, regulation and standards in global fora and in specific, internationally-influential jurisdictions, and c) financial institutions to take account of citizens’ individual and collective bio- diversity-related rights and preferences in their financing decisions. Advancing one or more globally applicable fintech-enabled approaches to align citizens’ investment and consumer choices with biodiversity outcomes.

Projects related to this workstream