The Innovation Hub is a space where F4B members can bring topics and ideas outside of the main workstreams. It provides an opportunity for debate and acts as a sounding board, as well as helping F4B to see connections between different areas of work and to foster the ecosystem. These might include things that fail, disrupt, connect or prove to be interesting.

The Innovation Hub’s aims are as follows:

  • To adopt an approach that supports a broad portfolio of initiatives in the context of our strategy, taking our strategic lenses into account.

  • To take the view that some ideas will fail and need to fail quickly, that some will succeed in unexpected ways and that some will create noble connections between each other and other initiatives


F4B can play a role in that herding and learning side of the work, which will lead to us influencing a much broader ecosystem of activities than what we are directly funding.


The idea is not to bet on winners, but that in high uncertainty models, there needs to be a broad portfolio to learn how a system responds to different types of interventions.


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