14 August 2020, 16:00:00

First Edition Green Stimulus Index

NB: This was the first edition of the GSI. An updated version is available here  - it incorporates significant new information that has become available since the previous release. The latest announcements on stimulus flows, deregulation and environmental policies have been incorporated into the analysis. 

The Greeness of Stimulus Index (GSI) assesses the effectiveness of the COVID-19 stimulus efforts by G20 countries in ensuring an economic recovery that takes advantage of sustainable growth oppor-tunities, and builds resilience through the protection of the climate and biodiversity.

It provides a method to gauge the current impact of the COVID-19 responses, to track countries’ progress over time, and to identify and recommend measures for improving the effectiveness of those responses.

The Greenness of Stimulus Index (GSI) shows that governments to date have largely failed to harness this opportunity.