• F4B

Report: Fintech for Biodiversity

Working with the Green Digital Finance Alliance F4B has begun to explore how digitalisation can enable financing of biodiversity.

The report Fintech for Biodiversity: A global landscape looks at the ways that digital biodiversity data could be deployed for use in financial decision-making. The report describes ways that digital financing could be harnessed to empower ordinary citizens to invest in biodiversity conservation as retail investors via security token offerings. It also highlights how digitization can empower rainforest inhabitants and other relevant local communities to act as monitors and guardians of biodiversity, with financial compensation

It acknowledges the obstacles for financial institutions and capital markets to channel more investment to biodiversity and suggests ways that creative deployment of fintech might overcome some of those obstacles. Finally, the report lays out three specific pathways for change from the current state of play—where biodiversity finance is an afterthought of an afterthought, getting very little of the already small share of ESG investing’s “e”-focused funds— to a state where biodiversity finance is mainstreamed.

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