Biodiversity impacts are not factored into the vast majority of financing decisions taken today. In the worlds of finance and politics, biodiversity is still also overshadowed by another big environmental threat, climate change. But momentum is growing.

The Finance for Biodiversity (F4B) initiative was therefore established in October 2019 as an initiative to increase the materiality of biodiversity in financial decision-making, and so better align global finance with nature conservation and restoration, with a focus on five strategic areas:​

  • Market efficiency and innovation

  • Biodiversity-related liability

  • Catalysing nature markets

  • Citizen engagement and public campaigns

  • Responses to the COVID crisis

We are also developing a cross-cutting workstream on the food-finance nexus.



The initiative is a dual purpose platform, both with its own research and implementation capability, as well as a programme for regranting resources to others. It is supported by the MAVA Foundation and its work is guided by a leadership group of experts and practitioners in the field.​

F4B aims to achieve its goal through network effects and by engaging key organisations, experts and influencers to align their agendas and establish a common framework for biodiversity and finance. The initiative follows a dynamic learning model that quickly tests, learns and reinforces success, through collaboration, leveraging of existing initiatives, and catalysing new areas of work. F4B’s regranting capability allows the initiative to rapidly respond to global developments as they unfold, as well as work with a diverse network of third-parties, crowding in knowledge and expertise. 


The Finance for Biodiversity Initiative was catalysed by the MAVA Foundation based in Switzerland. MAVA focuses on the environment with a mission to conserve biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature by funding, mobilising and strengthening our partners and the conservation community.